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Historical Series

From the award-winning sound designer Nigel Holland (Golden Reel Award winner for 'Braveheart')

"The Historical Series", a Hollywood Edge production. This is a 6-part library that includes many of the sounds that helped Soundelux (our parent company) win the Academy Award for sound on the film "BRAVEHEART", directed by and starring Mel Gibson. Many of these sounds are directly from BRAVEHEART.

Part #1 is titled "War: Horses, Armies & Weapons". Includes Infantry, Cavalry, Armies, and Horses (including up to 150 walking and charging).

Part #2 is titled " Churches, Bells & Clocks". Includes clocks from the 17th century up to the 19th century. Bells include everything from Monastery to Cathedral bells.

Part #3 is titled " Horses, Carriages & Traps". Includes Horse-drawn Carriages on different surfaces, including onboard, different types of horse movements like shaking bridle, etc. Also included are different types of early doors.

Part #4 is titled "Castles, Palaces & Monasteries". Iincludes many different types of doors and windows, wooden main gates, bolts and knockers, confessional box open and close, wooden vestry doors, and more.

Part #5 is titled "Traffic-Free Backgrounds". Includes Cities, Towns, Villages, Farmyards, Courtyards, and more.

Part #6 is titled "European Myths & Legends". Includes Dragons, Potions, explosive puffs, Sea Serpents, Witches' caves, Trap Door levers, beheading with swords and more.

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