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Sci-Fi Toolkit Free Demo

A small sample of the Sci-Fi Toolkit, designed by veteran sound designer Alexander Kopeikin.

Track Listing:

  • Airy, Gas Wave, Shock Wave 04.mps
  • Ambience, Language Research Facility, Voices Murmuring.mp3
  • Chamber Underground, Distant Metal Impacts.mp3
  • Communications, Computer, Alert, Task Completed.mp3
  • Computer, Resonant Sweep Tone 02.mp3
  • Destruction, Debris 07.mp3
  • Door, Airproof Manually Operated 03.mp3
  • Eerie Stingers_Bright Dramatic Impact with Echo 02.mp3
  • Electricity, Electrical Discharge, Sparks 05.mp3
  • Energy Beams, High Energy Emission, Fly By 01.mp3
  • Evolving, Huge Liquid Machine Changing Shap, Metal Melting.mp3
  • FX & Robots, Robot Complex Movement, Smaller Limb Action 02.mp3
  • Impacts, Bullet Cuts Through Water.mp3
  • Increasing and Reverses - Eerie Build Up, Female Voice.mp3
  • Machine, Actuator, Short Movement 03.mp3
  • Mechanical, Micro Drive, Burst of Action 01.mp3
  • Metallic, Build Up, Metal Whoosh 07.mp3
  • Power Core Hum, Large Engine Wind Ups and Downs 16.mp3
  • Resonant Frozen Metal Rod Tone 01.mp3
  • Spaceship Whoosh By with Acceleration, High Whistle 01.mp3
  • Special Foley, Person Penetrating Brick and Concrete Walls.mp3
  • Whoosh, Fireball Fly By 01.mp3

About the Sci-Fi Toolkit: This one-of-a-kind collection was inspired by classic Hollywood science fiction films of the recent and distant past. Many of the effects were recorded on location in old factories, abandoned warehouses, garages and other buildings, as well as in a decommissioned naval vessel.

This is the perfect kit to give you some inspiration from outer space!

The full kit includes:
• 1,652 Unique Sounds
• 2 Channel Stereo in 24bit/48khz
• 8 GB of sounds!

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