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Musical Accents

Musical Accents is a selection of accents, transitions, ambiences and hits suitable for a broad range of productions. The collection was produced exclusively for The Hollywood Edge by award-winning sound designer Kamen Atanasov, creator of Sound Designer Tool Kit 2 and The Edge Edition 3.

Musical Accents is a unique collection containing more than 40 real instruments. All instruments are real, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered. Symphonic, brass, violins, pianos, timpanist, harp, accordion, guitars, mouthorgan, harpsichord, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, a variety of drums, cymbals and percussions, beat box, exotic instruments and cartoon effects.

This set features 1077 musical accents, elements, logos and sound effects with a .wav DVD all in 24bit Stereo 48kHz. With a variety of moods – dramatic, action, exotic, scary, horror, tension, funny, comedy – Musical Accent is a multi- purpose collection and must have for every creative sound project – from horror films to funny cartoons!

“For this collection, I made raw recordings of more than 40 instruments, including grand pianos and Chinese instruments,” says Atanasov. “I had a lot of fun manipulating and bending sounds in order to produce unique and fresh effects.”

This collection downloads in on 3.96GB zip file. This must-have set is perfect for science fiction and fantasy productions featuring robots, aliens, spaceships, futuristic landscapes, hi-tech interfaces, and much more!