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Premiere Edition HD Free Demo

A small sample of our flagship Premiere Edition library, Premiere Edition HD.

Track Listing:

  • Ambience, Street Parade, Drums, Voices, Medium Crowd.mp3
  • Auto, Kia, Shuma, 2001, EXT, Arrive, Hard Brakes on Asphalt, Stop.mp3
  • Compact Disc, CD, Roll on a Table.mp3
  • Corn, Pour Out, Empty a Pail, Heap.mp3
  • Door, PVC/Plastic, Close, Slam.mp3
  • Drawer, Small Cupboard, Wood, Rails, Close and Handle Movement/Drop.mp3
  • Fireworks, Bomb, Heavy Explosion, Single.mp3
  • Household, Camera, Antique, Pentacon Six, 1956 Year, Loading.mp3
  • Instruments and Tools, Rotary Hammer, Hand, Heavy Drill, Start, Working Behind the Wall, (Next Room).mp3
  • Machine, Coffee Vending Machine, Type B, Insert Coins.mp3
  • Object, Glass Bottles, Plastic Crate, Move.mp3
  • Sport, Fitness, Bars, Metal Lever, Four Drops/Put.mp3
  • Suitcase, Clasp, Lock, Unlock (Open, Close).mp3
  • Train, 1980's, Electric, Locomotive, Engine, Idle, Turn Off.mp3
  • Weather, Rain, Medium Rain on Concrete and Metal.mp3

About Premiere Edition HD: Designed and recorded at 24bit 96Khz, by veteran sound designer Kamen Antanasov, creator of Sound Designer Toolkit 2. This library contains 2,496 recordings of general sound effects, machinery, and technologies not in existence when our original Premiere Edition was created. This library features everything you need to start building your HD Library including: Aircraft, Animals, Camera's, Cars, Clocks, Construction, Doors, Fire, Foley, Hospital Equipment, Household, Humans, Impacts & Crashes, Machines, Office, Sports, Switches & Levers, Telephones, Toy's, Traffic, Trains, Wagons, Water, Weapons, Weather, and much more!

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