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Alien Machine Shop

Sounds no one has ever heard from places no one has ever been. How is that possible? Alien Machine Shop was created with just that idea in mind, designed from scratch to be from another world.

Elements were twisted, bent, scratched, and hammered into tension filled, agitated forms. The results are abnormal, mystifying, discordant and machine-like soundscapes. Jarring to the ear and unfamiliar to the mind. They instantly add unease and intensity to any scene or production.

The 480+ tracks can easily be layered to create limitless and bizarre sound possibilities.

The entire collection downloads in two zip files (2.1 GB each) and also includes a catalog in multiple file formats (PDF, Excel, text). Order a Hard Drive to have this collection loaded and shipped to you on a G-Tech 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. (Drive sold separately.)

Alien Machine Shop is not for the faint of heart.

This collection was recorded and processed at 24bit 96khz-- the new standard in high definition sound.

Download Tracklist PDF