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Premiere Edition 2

The flagship sound effects collection of The Hollywood Edge is The Premiere Edition.

The Premiere Edition is known throughout the industry as the highest quality sound effects library available. Now the tradition continues, with the Hollywood Edge's newest release, The Premiere Edition 2, never before heard, completely original sound effects from the Hollywood Edge. This 10-CD collection not only captures the essential quality of each sound, but each selected effect was painstakingly and meticulously edited.

The Hollywood Edge has extremely rigid standards for noise reduction and clarity, guaranteeing only the finest most usable effects. this assures you, the user that each effect you choose will be perfect. Some of the finest digital "full spectrum" field recordings sampled by engineers who have worked on many Academy Award winning films appear in this collection. Additionally, hundreds of precisely staged studio effects, digitally recorded in Hollywood's foremost Foley stages were employed specifically for The Premiere Edition 2.

Moreover, the tradition continues with a vast cross section of sounds. Review the list below and see for yourself. If you are involved with any aspect of post production, don't miss out on The Premiere Edition 2; it's for you.

The entire collection downloads in two zip files (1.88GB and 2.08GB) and also includes a catalog in multiple file formats (PDF, Excel, text). Order a Hard Drive to have this collection loaded and shipped to you on a G-Tech 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. (Drive sold separately.)