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As you know, we scour the world of professional sound for the effects collections that a serious sound designer can't do without. We listen to hundreds of hours of sounds every year, along with all of the films that we complete post on. Ever so often we discover a collection that has already been put together that we want to own to use on our films... one that we have to have. When we can make them available to our customers, so much the better! Here's one we know you will like...

We are pleased to offer you the 3DSFX, an inspired 6-part collection that covers a remarkable range of "missing link" sound effects. You won't find the variety and diversity of 3DSFX sound effects anywhere else. The collection is a perfect compliment to filling out your library with the subtleties and nuances that are currently absent.

Folder One contains the hottest Modern Train sound effects on the planet (foreign and domestic). It also includes train station ambiences, clean and unique.

Folder Two brings you Vintage Train Effects - steam engine trains, diesel trains, idles, couplings -- you name it. Unless you have access to a time machine, you won't hear the old trains like they really sound unless you check out this disc.

Folder Three is entitled Nautical Vessels and it is stuffed to the gills. The harder it is to record, the more likely it is that you will find it here. Submarines, sailing ships, row boats, hovercrafts, fans, horns, engine rooms, and more.

Folder Four includes Nautical Atmospheres as clear as they come -- water laps, waves of every known variety, and washes. If you ever do anything demanding coastal or on the beach sounds, this is a must-have.

Folder Five, Rivers and Waterfalls, means you will never have to record another no-nonsense natural water sound (one that doesn't sound like a sink faucet) again. The 3DSFX collection rounds out with...

Folder Six, English and Foreign Crowds (I said it was an eclectic collection). A good variety of nationalities are represented here in many different crowd situations: from boxing and barbecue crowds to Afghan and German crowds -- we've already used the Crowds disc in the classic Jackie Chan movies.

The entire collection downloads in one zip file (2.7 GB) and also includes a catalog in multiple file formats (PDF, Excel, text). Order a Hard Drive to have this collection loaded and shipped to you on a G-Tech 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. (Drive sold separately.)

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