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American Zoetrope - Sentinel Vault Archives

In the heart of San Francisco at the crossroads of Chinatown and North Beach stands the historic Sentinel Building, headquarters of Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope, an architectural landmark that has played host to a variety of fascinating characters and charades since it was built in 1907. The hallowed subterranean chamber of this building has been through numerous incarnations - from an infamous watering hole during the prohibition, a nightclub, recording studio and finally the ADR recording suite for Francis Ford Coppola's company.

Now, THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE is proud to present the latest installment from American Zoetrope - THE SENTINEL VAULT ARCHIVES. Collected from towering shelves with reels upon reels of sound effects spanning a breadth of film titles such as: Apocalypse Now, The Black Stallion, and Tucker: The Man and his Dream. This magnificent 8 volume collection completes the American Zoetrope Sound Effects Collection.

After years of cataloging, digitizing and editing, this collection encompasses a wide range of categories: backgrounds, doors, mechanical, natural and hard effects, animal and insect sounds, humans and walla ambiences.

The entire collection downloads in two zip files (1.58GB and 2.1GB) and also includes a catalog in multiple file formats (PDF, Excel, text). Order a Hard Drive to have this collection loaded and shipped to you on a G-Tech 500GB 7200rpm hard drive. (Drive sold separately.)

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